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Our Founder & CEO
Liam Gowing

Liam Patrick Gowing

Liam’s Story

An educator, a writer and a musician…

Liam Gowing was born and raised in Dallas, Texas but moved to Los Angeles, California to attend UCLA. After graduating magna cum laude from the Honors Program there with a degree in political science with a focus in international relations, he circumnavigated the planet, backpacking across 27 countries in the process.

Declining an invitation to attend the University of Chicago Law School afterward, Liam turned to teaching others how to master the notoriously difficult entrance exam, working as an LSAT instructor for Kaplan Test Prep. He also worked as a journalist, writing for SPIN and LA Weekly, serving as an editor at The A.V. Club and finally working as a recreational columnist at the Los Angeles Times.

In 2017, he took on a different challenge, moving to Asia to teach English, first at the Shanghai Institute of Tourism and then at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, “the MIT of Asia,” which was recently ranked as the #3 university in China by US News and World Report. In the five years he spent there, Liam developed a comprehensive educational approach that he believed could be used for greater linguistic understanding and cultural interconnection on a global scale.

Anglosphere Connect
has a mission…

A mission to bring companies and clients together by bringing people together and helping them better communicate with one another.

“I hold two passports,” explains Anglosphere Connect CEO Liam Gowing, “but having visited dozens of countries across five continents—having lived and worked in a few—I’ll tell you the truth: Although I believe in borders between countries, I don’t really believe in borders between people.

“The more I’ve travelled, the more I’ve discovered that people are basically the same. Although human beings are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike—when it comes to groups, countries and cultures, they’re far more similar than different. So why should an accent keep them apart? The truth is that it doesn’t have to.

“Having spent five years teaching English in Asia,” says Liam, “I’ve come to learn that accents can be molded. Pronunciation can be taught. Cultures can be shared. Even humor can be exported and understood.”

This is why Liam founded Anglosphere Connection Experts: to help your business—no matter where it isbetter connect with its customers, no matter who they are.

Liam backpacking through India in the late ’90s,
jamming with legendary Nigerian percussionist Remi Kabaka in 2010
and visiting with students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2020.