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HR Consulting

Whether you’re looking to assess potential new hires or interested in cutting staff based on poor performance, Anglosphere Connect can assist your Human Resources department by ranking each subject using a proprietary grading system based on:

  • Comprehension & Fluency 
  • Grammar & Syntax 
  • Vocabulary & Pronunciation 
  • Content & Conduct

Script Editing

If your operators are having difficulty managing the language in the scripts they use, or clients are taking issue with any of the content, perhaps it’s time for an overhaul. We can help tailor the language in your prompts and scripts to deliver the correct information with the right tone, selecting words and phrases that will maximize the listener’s comprehension and appreciation.


With Chat GPT now adding real-time, conversational voice functions to its growing arsenal of tools, human-staffed centers are facing an existential threat. They need to be at their very best just to survive this ongoing AI revolution. So we provide short seminars and customized extended courses designed to perfect your operators’ communications as they deal with incoming and outgoing calls. 



In addition to our educational programs, script-writing/editing services and HR consultations, Anglosphere Connect can provide another crucial amenity to your business—our seal of approval. 

With a positive rating in hand, we can help you market your business to the big, international firms on the hunt for better solutions to their communication needs.